Exemplification of humanity, in 28 years, 5500 unclaimed dead bodies have been handed over to Mohammad Sharif, Padma Shri Award

मोहम्मद शरीफ

A crowd is needed to crush humanity. To save humanity, you have to walk alone. The crowd leaves you alone. February 1992. Ali Beg, the Mohalla Window of Ayodhya. Mohammad Sharif’s son Rais had gone to Sultanpur.

He used to sell drugs. Raees did not return Sharif Chacha kept searching for his son for a month. One day the police returned him the clothes of his son. Along with this, it was also reported that his son has been killed. His body was rotten, which has been disposed of.

The ground slipped under the feet of Sharif Chacha. His mind remained that he could not even perform the last rites in the manner of his son. The son’s grief is aggravated by thinking that the body of the son whose father is alive remains unclaimed and the soil is destined!

One day he saw some policemen throwing a corpse into the river. Sharif Chacha remembered the son. ‘He must have also thrown my son’s body in the river’.
This day Sharif Chacha vowed that from today onwards I will not allow any corpse to be unclaimed. My son did not get mud, but I will not let this happen to anyone else ‘.

The series started from here, he wrote a very beautiful story of humanity. Since then, Sharif has been quietly giving shoulder to all Hindus and Muslims.
Sharif Chacha was a bicycle mechanic by profession, but he became a mechanic of humanity and love.

Since then, in hospitals, on the streets, in the police station, in the fair … Wherever an unclaimed corpse is found, Sharif is handed over. They lift him on his shoulder, bathe him and wash him and give him to the mother earth. If the person who dies is a Hindu, then the person who dies is a Muslim, then the Muslim is a Muslim.

Sharif Chacha has been the messiah of unclaimed dead for the last 28 years and has delivered around 5500 dead bodies so far.
Sharif Chacha never discriminated against any unclaimed person. Hindus outnumber the people they cremated. He always made sure that the deceased was given a final farewell with all due respect according to his religion and tradition.

Sharif Chacha says that there is neither a Hindu in the world, nor a Muslim, a human being is just a human being. They say that ‘every human’s blood is the same, I believe in this relationship of blood among humans. This is why I am alive till. I will not let any human body rot for dogs or in the hospital.

Sharif Chacha has also been leaving alone for years. People around him kept distance from him, people started getting nervous from approaching him. People started avoiding touching them, people almost boycotted them. The family said you have gone mad. Sharif Chacha did not give up.

This year the Government of India has conferred him with the Padma Shri Award. At a time when the throne is roaming the throne, you need to know about Sharif Chacha and bring that kind of humanity inside you. When a boycott campaign is being conducted here, Sharif Chacha is giving equal sentiment to the Hindus and Muslims.

(From the Facebook ball of independent journalist Krishnakant)