Lakhs of crores of black money came from demonetisation, why doesn’t the government use it to improve the economy?


Demonetisation was a black chapter which the people of India can never forget. On November 8, 2016, PM Modi came on TV suddenly and said that friends will not walk in the old note market from 12 o’clock tonight.

Some people did not even believe in this for several days. On this decision of PM, PM Modi had said that bigger black money will come from this. The back of the terrorists will break. The economy of the country will improve.

One day it was, one day is today. Ever since demonetisation, till date neither the economy of the country has improved nor the backbone of the terrorists has been broken. Now, PM Modi never mentions accidentally about what was achieved through demonetisation, nor did his minister speak about what was gained from it.

Today, the corona virus has spread, the country’s economy has collapsed. Now on social media, Lotz is reminding us of demonetisation. Many users tweeted about this and said, “As much as lakhs of crores of black money has been achieved through demonetisation.
Why don’t the government use them to improve the country’s economy?

Let us tell you, these users are not giving advice to the government, but are criticizing the government that some government had said in a voice that demonetisation was a successful step. Black money has come from demonetisation. Now people are asking the same