Players all over the world have been paying great attention to PUBG Mobile since it first launched for mobile devices in 2018. It has been downloaded a staggering 600 million and still boasts 50 million daily users(excluded Chinese users on the mainland)

On theNEW ERA ANNOUNCEMENT streamed live today, the developers of PUBG Mobile revealed the exact release date of its 1.0 version – on September 8th.

This upcoming version will bring many upgrades, it has optimized its download and compatibility for players in higher FPSreduced Latency, and updated Installation Pack Size with DRMT (Dynamic Resource Management Technology), incremental update support and file cleaning function under development.

There are also a series of brand-new adjustments about PUBG MOBI itself, such as New Tech, New UI, and New Gameplay systems.

▼ Look below for more details you won’t want to miss about version 1.0 of PUBG MOBILE.

▣ New Tech – Graphics Overhaul
Many new technologies that have been adapted in version 1.0 to upgrade the quality of the game, so as to create a more realistic Battle Royale experience for players. Changes have been made to the player’s characters, including main lobby lights and environments designed for creating a realistic battle atmosphere.

Major changes have been made to the elements that players will see while in battle. Improvements like particles, smokes, air blasts, muzzle flashes, including the addition of the scope interaction to make every shot more realistic.

Parachuting and other actions have also been polished. These improvements are aimed at optimizing the experience of players. Overall, upgrades such as changes to the lighting systems, make the trees, sky, and water effects look more real.

▶ Click here to view the latest official video about new Graphics Upgrade.

▣ New UX – User Experience Updated
PUBG Mobile
’s UI and interactive experience have been completely overhauled to bring players a more concise and intuitive control experience.
Through some accession of visual technology elements, the new and clear interactive interface could bring a more realistic, and immersive gaming experience to players.

An innovative multi-screen interface has been designed for PUBG Mobile 1.0 Version. There will now be a 3-page style home screen (Social, Game & Store), enabling quick and easy access for players.  At the same time, creating a simple and clean interface can also enhance players’ sensory experience.

( Update) Take a sneak peak at the latest official trailer released on August 31st:


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