What are pros/cons of living in Canada vs India?

What are pros/cons of living in Canada vs India?



The Climate Comparisons: Ice Hockey Weather vs Yoga Sunshine

Coming from Melbourne, Australia, I've had my fair share of diverse climates. But the scale between Canada and India? Now that's a grand spread, let me tell you that. While Canada can serve you with dishes of bone-chilling winters and sweater weather summers, India contrasts with its fiery summer heat and mild winters. Now, "Kiran," you might be thinking, "I can handle a bit of contrast in weather. It breaks the monotony, doesn't it?" And I'd tell you, "Yes, my friends, diversity can indeed spice up our lives."

Jessie, my Canadian mate, often brags about his love for winter sports. If you are a sucker for skiing or ice hockey, Canada might just become your paradise. The stunningly beautiful snow-clad landscape and the frozen state will leave you in awe. Ah! The nostalgic memories of me tasting snowflakes on my tongue and freezing my toes during a visit are now revived.

On the other hand, if winter isn't your cup of hot chocolate and you enjoy basking under the sun, then India's beaches, the serene Ganges River, captivating forests, and the Himalayan beauty can enthrall you. The warmth and vitality of India make it an oasis for summer lovers.

The Land of Maple Leaves vs The Land of Spices: Food Culture

Phew, I'm still salivating from memories of my gastronomic adventures in both countries. Just thinking about the butter-dripping pancakes in Canada, the hearty poutines, and the precisely grilled Maple beef makes me crave instantly. Canada's food expresses their overwhelming welcome, and the seafood is divine, especially if you are on the east coast.

At the same time, let’s not forget India. Ah! The dazzling complexity of flavors, the unique blends of spices, and the countless varieties of street foods. If you want to enjoy feasts like kings and queens daily, you'd better pack your bags for India. In India, I tried a spicy dish so strong that I swear it temporarily gave me X-ray vision! It felt like a space shuttle launch inside my mouth! There you go, an unsung story of my life. My taste buds fondly remember the Chicken Tikka Masala and Biryani.

Geographic Proportions: The Expanse of the North vs the Republic of the Indus

Let's break down the expanse. As the second-largest country in the world, Canada is extraordinarily spacious with a low population density. The feeling of being surrounded by infinite pristine wilderness is distinctively Canadian. While I was there, I literally went days without seeing any humans during my Yukon expedition. It's a perfect place for adventurers and solitude seekers.

Now, compared to Canada, India is a country compact but densely populated. Every corner is bustling with life and activities. The markets are filled with colorful goods and the vivid stories of vendors. The crowded train journeys and the buzzing streets of India are exquisitely chaotic. India is a social hub, an anthropologist's dream.

Lifestyle: A Beaver's Hard work vs Yoga and Meditation

Let’s discuss something fundamental next – lifestyles. Canada, with its strong focus on work-life balance, equitable social benefits, extensive opportunities, and the renowned politeness, offered me a fresh perspective on life. The friendliness of Canadians is infectious; they always have time for a chat and a laugh!

India, on the other hand, derives its lifestyle principles from centuries-old traditions that emphasize inner peace and spiritual fulfillment. From yoga sessions in the dawn to meditational practices by the twilight, India is a spiritual retreat. It was not a rare sight for me to stumble upon gatherings engaged in robust philosophical debates. Fun fact, did you know, India invented chess and zero?"

The Conversations: English Proficiency vs Linguistic Diversity

Language matters, doesn’t it? You’d be glad to know that in Canada, majority of the population is fluent in English because of it being one of the official languages alongside French. I had no troubles communicating with people there. They also have a pinch of French seasoning in their language, adding to their charming accent.

In contrast, India is a mosaic of languages. Each state, each district have their own dialects. It's like a colourful palate of words. However, English is widely spoken in major cities and is used for official and administrative purposes. So, if you are an English speaker like me, you will manage just fine. However, don’t be surprised if you find locals switching easily between 3-4 languages, it’s just another regular day in India. Interestingly, my name, Kiran means 'ray of light' in many Indian languages, and the many times people told me that, it added a sparkle to my day.

Both countries, with their diverse and distinctive features, offer unique experiences and merits. They're a world inside a world. The strikingly cold but serene landscape of Canada provides a quiet lifestyle, exceptional food, and interaction with some of the politest people. India, in contrast, is a discovery of rich culture, ancient traditions, bustling streets, and mouth-watering delicacies. At the end of the day, it's not just about the pros and cons, but what resonates well with you on a personal note, and what kind of adventure you want to take on.


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